February Quilt of the MONTH Part Four – Beth Ann Doing

The crazy of it all is that we had February???? Did we really? It all seems to be a HUGE blur to me.     This quilt was a gift I made for my Mom years ago. Moving her into skilled nursing she didn’t want it…..so now it’s here with me.  The hardest of all the process with her, has been her just not caring about me….other’s or anything that doesn’t have to do with her. I/we are to serve her and it breaks my heart. Like loosing her and but not really loosing her, my mind sometimes understands, but my heart, just can’t get it.    I will share another quilt starting next Sunday….but I don’t know what it will be yet, so no sneak peak…..

Well, any way today is the last part, here are the other weeks for you of My Bear’s Paw Heart Quilt Pattern

Part ONE,  Part TWO,   Part THREE

Last week you made the nine patch quilt block corners

Cut 4 Outside borders – 6 ½ x 40 ½” Sew 2 to the top and bottom of the quilt. Sew the nine patch blocks on to the other 2 and sew to the sides.

 Cut quilt binding 2 ½” x 210”

bears paw quilt pattern

Finished quilt is 52″ x 52″ inches and make a GREAT lap quilt, baby quilt. Mine was machine pieced and I hand quilt with large stitches. 

How to make the quilt Bear Paw Heart

My BEAR’S PAW HEART Quilt Pattern of the MONTH

Tutorial to make a Bear Paw Quilt Pattern

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